Emotional Mastery

Conscious breathing prepares you for deeper
states of meditation and supports you in
mastering your emotions to show up more
magnetically in the world.

Regulation of the nervous system

A nervous system that is dysregulated does not have
the ability to discharge the energy in a timely manner.
It has a hard time letting go and gets stuck
easily in stimulation or lethargy.

Trauma healing

The first step to healing trauma is to connect
our minds back to our bodies. We must learn to
re member ourselves. Remember our Soma &
Psyche back together.

"Some doors only open from the inside.
Breath is a way of accessing that door."

Experience Breathwork Basics

Within 10 Minutes

Meet Tereza Rehorova

As the founder of Devolu Breathwork and Devolu Vision she is fully devoted to paving the way for a more enlightened world, open mind and consciousness.

Tereza is a passionate entrepreneur who has immersed herself in enriching experiences.

She has dedicated herself to the mastery of breath movement and energy practices and she is fast becoming known as an expert in these fields of study.

Certified Breathwork Practitioner
Professional Past Life Therapist from Dr. Brian Weiss
Certified NLP Master & Spiritual Coach & Counsellor
Certified with 200-hour YOGA teacher

Tereza studied yoga in India and kept developing her meditation within Vipassana practise in the United Kingdom and Thailand.

Tereza offers breathwork 1:1 sessions, workshops and retreats around the world.

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